Node Checkmark

Nodes can be assigned a checkmark based on their past behavior, providing valuable insights into their performance and characteristics.

One important factor considered is the fee sharing ratio, which determines how rewards are distributed between the node operator and the stakers. The division of the node's ONT tokens into two distinct parts: the node's initial stake and the user stake. Typically expressed as a percentage, the fee sharing ratio defines the proportion of rewards attributed to each component. For instance, consider a scenario where the fee sharing ratio is set at 10%/90%. In this case, the node operator would receive rewards based on their initial stake and the user staked tokens, with 10% of the rewards from the initial stake and 90% from the user stake being allocated to stakers.

This node has not changed the fee sharing ratio for at least 5 successive consensus rounds, and the sum of the two fee sharing ratios is greater than or equal to 80%, ensuring stability and reliability.

This node is operated by an Ontology Harbinger, an exceptional leader dedicated to supporting the growth of Ontology's community and ecosystem. Learn more about the role of Ontology Harbingers and how you can become one:

This node has increased its fee sharing ratio by more than 50%, in at least one of the consensus rounds within the past 10 rounds, indicating a higher level of risk.

A new node won't be entitled with an Alert checkmark for its first fee sharing change.

This node has significantly decreased its fee sharing ratio by more than 50% in at least one of the consensus rounds within the past 10 rounds. This adjustment potentially impacts the overall rewards distribution.

Note: If a node is marked as "Risky" or "Bad Actor", its "Stable" checkmark will be removed automatically.

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