Liquid Staking - stONT

  • Introduction to Liquid Staking

  • Overview of stONT

  • Procedure for Staking ONT

  • Procedure for Unstaking ONT

Introduction to Liquid Staking

Let's kick off with Liquid staking represents an evolution in the field of staking. Unlike traditional staking mechanisms that require assets to be locked to earn rewards, liquid staking offers financial flexibility by allowing users to remain liquid. This enables token holders to continue transacting, trading, or participating in various DeFi protocols while concurrently earning staking rewards.

Overview of stONT

stONT serves as a gateway to liquid staking within the Ontology Network. What distinguishes stONT from conventional ONT tokens is its unique economic model. Specifically, stONT escalates in value without multiplying in quantity. As the node you have staked with accumulates ONG rewards, the value of stONT increases against the value of ONG.

Procedure for Staking ONT

Staking ONT tokens can be accomplished using ONTO Wallet's mobile and web-based applications. The process is straightforward and can be summarized in the following steps:

  • Connect Your Wallet: Open the staking application through ONTO Wallet on your mobile device or web browser and establish a connection with your digital wallet.

  • Specify the Desired Amount: Indicate the number of ONT tokens you wish to stake.

  • Stake: Initiate the staking process by clicking on the 'Stake' button.

  • Confirmation: Upon successful staking, a confirmation message will be displayed in the wallet initially connected for this process.

  • Receieve: stONT tokens.

Procedure for Unstaking ONT

If you wish to unstake your ONT tokens, adhere to the steps below:

  • Connect Your Wallet: Make sure your digital wallet is connected via ONTO Wallet's mobile or web application.

  • Specify the Desired Amount: Indicate the number of stONT tokens you would like to use for unstaking.

  • Unstake: Complete the process by clicking on the 'Unstake' button.

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