Round 180

Total amount of staked ONT in round 180 is 210,689,801. The ratio of total amount of staked ONT to ONT circulating supply is 24.07%.

Top 5 Nodes with Highest Yield in Round 180

The annual yield rate of ONG incentives the stakers reveiced from staking ONT on the node in Ontology consensus round 180.

Top 5 Nodes with Highest Increase in Stake

Increase in total stake from round 180 to round 181.

Fee Sharing Ratio Changes

The fee sharing ratios are changed by the node owner.

The previous refers to the percentage of the ONG incentives from ONT staked by the node owner sharing with the stakers.

The latter refers to the percentage of the ONG incentives from the ONT staked by the stakers sharing with the stakers.

New Nodes

New nodes that signed up in round 180. Description is filled in and submitted by nodes on "Node info" page under "Node Stake Mangement" tab in OWallet.

Exited Nodes

The nodes below have stopped operation and the ONT staked by users have been returned. Users shall withdraw ONT and stake to other nodes.

Node Name Changes

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