Ontology Node Staking on OWallet

Step 1: Download OWallet (Windows/macOS/Linux)

Step 2: Open your OWallet and click the “Stake Authorization”

Step 3: View the node list. After selecting a node, click on the arrow, select the wallet where your ONT is, and enter the node stake authorization page.

Note: You can click “My Stake” button in the upper right corner to see authorized stakes you have already made.

Tips: Of course, try to choose the node with the highest reward proportion!OWallet also supports Ledger wallet to complete authorized stake.

Step 4: Click the “Submit new stake authorization”owallet.item23ja button and select the number of ONT units you would like to authorize for stake (1 ONT per unit). Enter your password to confirm the authorized stake is complete.

How to cancel your stake?

Click the “Cancel stake authorization” button and enter the amount of stake you would like to cancel.

How to redeem the staking rewards?

Click the “Redeem” button to withdraw your staking rewards.

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